Our ministries work together to build relationships through experiences.

At the WinShape Foundation, we bring people together and create meaning at the intersection of uncommon experiences. Our ministries meet individual needs, foster safe spaces for growth and exploration, and make you feel known, no matter your background or current stage of life. Through it all, our ministries are committed to unwavering hospitality.

Excite your summer

WinShape Camps offers day and overnight camps for boys and girls of all ages.

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Develop your team and leaders

WinShape Teams develops teams and leaders to be strong, healthy, and more fulfilling.

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Grow your character

WinShape College Program prepares students to lead and impact every generation.

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Impact your community

WinShape Homes provides safe, caring, and stable Christian homes for children.

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Couple your strength

WinShape Marriage helps couples prepare, strengthen and save their marriage.

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Refocus your energy

WinShape Retreat provides the perfect setting to relax, recharge, and regroup.

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Hear from a few of our guests

"I've appreciated the incredible curriculum that we learn here at WinShape. It's theologically rich, practically applicable, and it's so valuable to have staff that care about preparing us for the spiritual life in college and the years to come."

Michael Shaw

College Program Graduate

"Almost every one of our leaders that we have brought to WinShape Teams is still on our team, and many of them are flourishing in leadership roles. The members of my team that you have interacted with are much more effective at serving our guests and leading our team, as a result of your influence."

J. Wynn


"I would tell any kid that WinShape is better than Disney."


WinShape Camper

"I don’t know if my words could ever truly express what this experience has done for me. I came in feeling unloved, unwanted, ashamed and unaccepted. I have always felt I wasn’t good enough. During my time here, God has shown me that I am accepted, loved and included."

Marriage Intensive Participant

WinShape Marriage

"The lodging rooms, meeting facility, food service, campus grounds and staff hospitality were first-class in every way. We were treated like the most important people on the planet.”

WinShape Retreat Guest

Nations of Coaches

"As a newly formed team, our experience at WinShape Teams definitely got us off to a good start. Having a shared experience where we all learned together helped immensely. We are continuing to learn about each other and growing our trust and confidence in one another."

T.W. Francescon


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