Refer to this page for key updates and information related to COVID-19 and its impact on our campuses, how to report time, Anthem benefits and more.

Campus Updates


Support Center Campus


The Support Center campus will remain closed through the entire month of April, including the Jeannette Cathy Children’s Center.



Mt. Berry Campus


The Mt. Berry campus will also remain closed through the entire month of April.

All non-business-related facilities on campus are also closed, including the Hub gym and workout facilities.

This includes all non-business-related facilities on campus (e.g., the Hub gym and workout facilities). Staff are asked to avoid coming to campus for any reason unless specifically asked to do so by their direct supervisor for dedicated functions.

If you have essential items on campus that you need to come and pick up, please contact Russ Sarratt to coordinate the best time to do so.

Note: This window of closure is subject to change if the COVID-19 situation and/or government guidelines significantly change in the coming weeks.

Reporting Work Hours


For non-exempt (hourly) team members: Please post the time you worked as regular work hours in TimeClock. The total hours entered should not exceed 8 hours (unless you actually worked in excess of 8 hours). Non-exempt team members who are unable to work remotely should record the hours they are unable to work that day by selecting the code 10001 in TimeClock.


For exempt team members: Those who are unable to work should consult with their direct supervisor and will continue to be paid through March 29. Those who are able to work remotely but elect not to should consult with their direct supervisor and will need to enter those hours as PTO, if given approval.

COVID-19 Anthem Benefits


Anthem and COVID-19 Testing


Anthem will now waive the member cost share for treatment for members diagnosed with COVID-19 from April 1 through May 31, 2020. This includes both In-Network and Out-of-Network facilities and providers, and inpatient and outpatient services. Anthem is currently discussing whether this will be retroactive and/or extended.

COVID-19 treatments can include treatments such as respiratory services, Durable Medical Equipment, skilled care needs and FDA-approved drugs, once they become available.

Additionally, Anthem is relaxing prior authorization requirements to allow providers to focus on caring for patients diagnosed with COVID-19. This includes suspension of prior authorization requirements for patient transfers, skilled nursing facilities and use of medical equipment critical to treat COVID-19.

Anthem is also adding additional coverage, at no cost-share to participants of the WinShape Welfare Benefits Plan, for the in-network visit associated with COVID-19 testing, whether it takes place at a doctor’s office, urgent care center or emergency department.

If the participant has to be admitted to the hospital or is treated for other medical needs, deductibles and coinsurance will apply. If an in-network provider is not available, Anthem will work with the participant to cover out-of-network COVID-19 services.

Contact Anthem’s toll-free number on the back of your membership card, visit www.anthem.com, or download the Anthem Sydney app for in-network providers or to be directed to an approved out-of-network medical provider.



Anthem Prescriptions


During this unprecedented time, Anthem strongly recommends WinShape Welfare Benefits Plan members to have their prescriptions filled through mail order.

The first home delivery takes up to two weeks, but refills are processed in approximately three to five days. Members can conveniently set up automatic refills as well. Click here to learn more about mail order prescriptions.

Anthem encourages members who take regular prescriptions to talk to their doctor about changing from a 30-day supply to a 90-day supply. 90-day prescriptions can be filled through Anthem’s mail order pharmacy or select retail pharmacies.

To learn more about pharmacy services, call Pharmacy Services as published on the back of your Anthem membership card.



Anthem to Waive LiveHealth Online Copays


The global spread of COVID-19 is creating high interest in how online care can help with screening and treatment of this outbreak. Anthem and their doctors are here to support you and your family by waiving the copays for LiveHealth Online telemedicine for WinShape Welfare Benefits Plan participants until June 14, 2020.

While LiveHealth Online cannot diagnose you with COVID-19, a doctor can evaluate symptoms, COVID-19 risk assessments, and consultation for visiting a local health care provider to test for COVID-19.

In this busy time, individuals may also prefer to see a doctor remotely for other common health conditions like the flu, cold, sinus infection, pink eye, and more. Doctors can assess condition, provide a treatment plan, and prescribe prescription medication, if needed.



Access LiveHealth Online for Mental Health Support


As we all navigate the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, it is natural to feel increased stress and anxiety.

Team members enrolled in Anthem BCBS through the WinShape Welfare Benefits Plan, who may be experiencing increased stress and/or anxiety, have access to psychology and psychiatry support services through LiveHealth Online.

Individuals (and their covered family members) who participate in the Plan can schedule video appointments with a licensed therapist for help with anxiety, depression, grief, panic attacks and more for a $0 copay.Covered members (18 years or older) can also receive medication through a board-certified psychiatrist to help manage a mental health condition. Learn more about LiveHealth Online and how to access online support here.

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