Photo of Sarah Beth McCloud

Sarah Beth McCloud

Manager, Communications

A lifelong writer and storyteller, Sarah Beth believes there’s power in our words and how we use them. She is passionate about healthy communication and facilitating messages that move us forward, both personally and professionally. That’s why she’s committed her career to help people design and refine their messages, creating clarity and engagement for brands and organizations.

With an undergraduate degree in public relations from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!), Sarah Beth spent the first several years of her career in a global public relations agency setting, serving clients with a focus on media relations, social media content, and issues and crisis management support. She also spent over two years at Chick-fil-A, Inc. as part of an embedded communications agency, supporting the development and dissemination of strategic content for staff, Chick-fil-A Operators and team members.

Today, Sarah Beth brings her combined experience to drive the communication strategy and execution for WinShape Foundation. In her role, she supports internal strategies for ministries and support services, creating clear messages and alignment within the Foundation, as well as external strategies to create brand awareness and engagement. She believes stories are one of the most powerful tools for impact, and one of her favorite parts of her job is getting to capture, craft and share those stories.

Sarah Beth and her husband, Marshall, live on the outskirts of Atlanta in Smyrna, Georgia. She much prefers being outdoors and can often be found on a run or walk on any given day of the week. She loves reading (surprise!), spinning, cooking with Marshall and discussing the Bible over a strong cup of coffee. She only answers to Sarah Beth.