A Foster Care Journey

When Brian and Lindsey decided to become foster parents, they knew they had been called to bring a child into their home. They had no idea they would uncover an even greater life purpose along the journey.

Brian and Lindsey (last name withheld for privacy) approached Winshape Foster Care (WSFC) toward the tail end of the program’s journey to becoming approved to operate. They were so determined and intentional about moving the process forward that they drove to Rome several days in a row just to get their IMPACT training done more quickly.

Like so many families, Brian and Lindsey had an idea of what they wanted. They had already adopted their son through a private agency and knew they wanted to grow their family through fostering, eventually adopting one more child younger than their own.

On April 17, 2017, they were approved by the State of Georgia and became open for placement. Over the next few weeks, WSFC called them about several placements, but they always involved more than one child. Brian and Lindsey considered a few, but they felt pulled to stick to their original plan.

But on May 23, God had other plans.

On that day, WSFC received a call about a baby and a slightly older sibling who needed placement. They reached out to Brian and Lindsey and, much to their surprise, heard a resounding “YES!” That night, Brian and Lindsey’s family of three became a family of five, with three little ones in the home.

The following Thursday was the first court hearing. Lindsey came and quickly met the very young biological parents. Their WSFC contact, Lara Lynn, was blown away as she watched Lindsey interact with the birth mom of these precious children. Lindsey quickly put the mom at ease by asking questions about what the children liked and didn’t like, and told her all about how the children were doing.

Lindsey and Lara Lynn entered the courtroom for the hearing, sitting side-by-side through the proceedings. Lara Lynn watched as the judge was gentle but firm with this young couple, and she could see Lindsey’s heart breaking and softening to them and their situation. Lara Lynn saw in that courtroom a heart that was yearning to help not only the children in its care, but the family as a whole.

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