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Indeed, all of us are going somewhere. Because lessons learned and experiences gained are what shape us; move us; propel us to more. How are you changing, growing, and being shaped? Better; who are you investing in, growing, and shaping? It is the journey that gets us there.

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Make an impact on this world for God's kingdom.

At WinShape Camps, our goal is to equip you in such a way that you would bring life change to whole communities through the message of Jesus.

We understand that with the summer comes a ton of options. There are few seasons of life that live up to the freedom you have to serve with your summers during your college years. Take advantage of those years. Make an impact for God's Kingdom and get paid to do it!

What do you mean "an impact"?

An average elementary school has


students enrolled.

If each camper had a relationship with


of the students in their school,

...then our campers could influence


students at home.

Our goal is not to only prepare our staff for summer, but for life.

A summer at WinShape Camps will give you unprecedented skill and experience that is sure to impact you no matter which career field you enter. At camp, you’ll receive real life experience in communicating effectively, event management, childcare, time management and so much more. On top of the real life experience, you’ll have the ability to grow as a leader. It’s a guarantee that a summer spent serving with WinShape Camps will increase you capacity as a leader and affect the way you impact the people around you at home.

Where you will be equipped for your life.

I also felt valued, respected and loved since day one and the leadership at camp did a wonderful job of communicating with staff.






Where you build relationships that last a lifetime.

Camps are filled with college students—just like yourself—becoming deeply rooted in community with each other.

You will gain friendships that will last the rest of your life while serving at camp. You’ll have people who stand by your side to celebrate the great days and support you on the hard days. These people will be along with you for the journey as you ‘get there’.

Our Camps

Boys @ Mount Berry

Located on the beautiful Mountain Campus of Berry College, WinShape Camps for Boys offers two-week overnight experiences where campers participate in countless athletic and creative skills, and are challenged to grow in their faith by applying God’s Word to their daily lives. Centered around a Native American theme, campers are placed into one of six tribes according to their age (completed first through eleventh grade). We look to summer staff to provide daily experiences such as devotions, science or tech skills, tribal activities, sports skills, worship moments and more to bring our campers to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Boys @ Cleveland

Cleveland is located at the base of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia where WinShape Camps for Boys one-week enjoys the campus of Truett-McConnell College. Campers are randomly divided into three Squads with all grades represented, Blaze, Hydro, and Quake that they will stay with each year they return. Summer staff lead campers in learning, laughing, worshipping and participating in new Tracks and activities all week long.


WinShape camps for Communities offers campers a week of fun, faith, fellowship and adventure by partnering with local churches and faith-based organizations to create weeklong day camp experiences in various communities throughout the nation. Cheer with completed first through sixth graders in the Ocean, Safari, or Alpine village and battle for the Triangulation Trophy on the last full day of camp. We have everything from worship to recreation and science to cooking! Get ready for the ride of your life as WinShape Camps breaks up into 9 road teams visiting 84 different communities this summer!

Girls @ Young Harris

Young Harris is located at the base of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia on the campus of Young Harris College and is full of exciting new adventures to serve our campers and summer staff. WinShape Camps for Girls one-week is centered around the legendary clubs Skocean, Bumbline, and Royalum. Summer staff help campers experience one-week of skills and tracks, worship moments, nightly parties, and kicking back in a “sweet” while discovering what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Girls @ Mount Berry

WinShape Camps for Girls at Mount Berry is a two-week overnight experience. Located on the facilities of WinShape Retreat, campers are placed into one of six Native American named tribes according to their grade (completed first - eleventh grade). Throughout the two-weeks, summer staff help campers experience new skills, tribal activities, worship moments, nightly parties, campout, and much more...all while encouraging campers to a grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ!


WinShape Camps International is an overseas adventure taking place in Brazil next summer. Campers experience a one-week long day camp at partnering churches. Sessions begin on Monday and end four days later on Thursday. Staff members can serve as color leaders, skill instructors, media specialists and more. Campers are divided into color teams with similar age campers.

It takes a lot to make camp happen!

Are you a Musician? Photographer? Lacrosse player? We need them all. No matter what your passion is, we have a place for you to serve and make an impact on communities this summer. Not only do you get to do what you’re passionate about, but you get the opportunity to teach it to others!

Where you use your talents and passions to do amazing things.

Your Adventure Awaits

Do you enjoy adventure? Are you passionate about producing excellence? Are you looking for ways to be equipped for whatever God has called you to? Are you passionate about impacting the next generation? WinShape Camps is the place for you!

We are looking for motivated Christ-followers who are ready to roll up their sleeves and spend their summer doing something that matters eternally.